Hardwood Refinishing in Basking Ridge

Are you thinking of restoring your hardwood flooring to its former glory? Outstanding Details LLC is the team to call in Basking Ridge when you’re ready to embark on the task of transforming your faded hardwood into a shiny, top-notch surface.

Don’t let your valuable hardwood floors become scratched and damaged beyond repair. Make the most of these gorgeous features of your home by turning to our team of flooring experts. We’ll refinish your hardwood in record time, granting your flooring a new lease on life.

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Where Can I Find Qualified Harwood Floor Refinishing Near Me?

Hardwood flooring is a significant investment that provides both beauty and value to your home or business in Basking Ridge. While most property owners do not hesitate to consult with a professional for floor installation, hardwood floor refinishing also requires the skill and expertise of an experienced floor specialist. As a reputable floor contractor, Outstanding Details LLC visits your residential or commercial location to assess hardwood flooring refinishing requirements and provides knowledgeable recommendations as well as detailed estimates. Committed to installing and maintaining beautiful floors, we never use subcontractors and take pride in our work making customer satisfaction our number one priority.

Basking Ridge Hardwood Refinishing

We provide skilled hardwood floor restoration that offers long-lasting protection to the wood flooring at your Basking Ridge home or business. Our qualified specialists are experienced with sanding and refinishing hardwood floors in addition to providing a range of other floor refinishing services for your home or business.

Traditional Hardwood Floor Sanding by a Professional

When hardwood flooring becomes dull and worn and scuff marks or scratches begin to accumulate, save on replacement costs with professional sanding and refinishing by Outstanding Details LLC hardwood restoration experts. Due to the inherent longevity of natural wood that actually improves with age, hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished at regular intervals to restore wood flooring to its original lustre. Sanding a hardwood floor is not recommended as a do-it-yourself project, however it requires the skill and experience to avoid the possibility of any permanent damage to the wood. Our professional Basking Ridge hardwood flooring restoration experts have developed advanced sanding and repair techniques and pay close attention to detail while maintaining a safe and organized work site.

Benefits of Hiring Outstanding Details LLC for Your Hardwood Refinishing Services

For the best hardwood floor refinishing results, contact Basking Ridge’s foremost flooring experts: Outstanding Details LLC. Working with us will make your hardwood flooring refinishing project easier in a number of ways you may not have considered. We’ve been caring for wooden floors for many years and know exactly what it takes to provide our clients with beautiful hardwood once again.

Besides the most important benefit of your flooring looking as good as new, here are some of the other advantages of our services that might not have yet crossed your mind:


Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of working with us is our speed. Redoing your flooring can cause a significant disruption to your routine as any rooms involved won’t be useable throughout the project. That’s why choosing an experienced, efficient team is your best bet to minimize the inconvenience caused by revamping your floors.

We’ll finish your hardwood refinishing project faster than our competition can. We know this because we’ve proven our skills many times before. However, please don’t confuse our speed with rushing the job. We can work quickly because we’ve broken down the hardwood flooring refinishing process into its essential parts and mastered every one.

We know you lead a busy lifestyle. If you’re looking for a fast way to improve the look of your home, consider hardwood flooring refinishing from our team.

Long-Lasting Results

A lot goes into a complete flooring refinishing job, but the keyword is ‘finishing.’ The protective finish we apply to your hardwood as the final step of the job is the key to your floor’s durability. When carefully and appropriately used, your hardwood finish can stay lustrous, shiny, and protective for many years. Once we’re done refinishing your hardwood, you won’t need to consider refinishing for a long, long time.

Decreased Mess

When refinishing your flooring, a lot of sanding needs to be done. If you’ve ever sanded wood before, you’ll understand just how much sawdust is produced from the process. We’ve dealt with many messy jobs before and know that taking a ‘clean-as-we-go’ approach ensures you aren’t coping with wood particles after we’re gone.

We’ll tape up any openings or vents in the room, so no dust gets into your ducts. We’ll be diligent in removing the dust from the hardwood itself, so you have a completely smooth finish. This aspect of the project would be a lot of work for other contractors or amateurs, but to us, it’s just what we do.

Careful Stain or Finishing Application

After carefully and gradually sanding your hardwood down to a perfectly smooth, level surface, it’s time to apply the finish. This is where we really prove ourselves as experts. Applying the finish smoothly and evenly is an art we mastered long ago, and it’s often the indication of whether a job was done professionally or not.

We’ll provide you with a smooth, perfectly even finishing coat so you can look at your hardwood with pride every time.

Refinishing Floors Without Hardwood Sanding

When hardwood floor refinishing requires a lighter touch, traditional sanding may be able to be avoided completely. Outstanding Details LLC provides hardwood floor refinishing without sanding using the latest industry techniques and specialty equipment that allows dust to be suctioned back into equipment immediately reducing dust, debris and clean-up time and effort. Contact our Basking Ridge hardwood refinishing experts for more information and to schedule an assessment to find out if hardwood floor restoration without sanding can be used at your location.

Hardwood Floor Repairs

Repairing scratches on hardwood flooring is similar to the maintenance required for a fine antique. Outstanding Details LLC carefully restores every detail of hardwood flooring taking into consideration the specific species of wood and existing stain color. Consult with the hardwood flooring refinishing experts in Basking Ridge for helpful advice about changing the stain on your hardwood flooring and the best method for your wood type.

Benefits of Hardwood Restoration

Cost-Effective – Must less expensive than replacing the entire floor, refinishing hardwood flooring is less time-consuming and more affordable when carried out by an experienced Outstanding Details LLC professional.

Reduced Maintenance Costs – Hardwood floor refinishing provides long-lasting results and also helps to avoid insect infestations from termites and other pests.

Improved Appearance – Professional hardwood floor refinishing significantly enhances its appearance and lengthens its lifespan. Contact Outstanding Details LLC in Basking Ridge for a free estimate today!